When, or even not to say: Unfortunately…!

2023-04-21 16:06:06

An essential phrase that is always absent from the Sudanese scene, from the statements and declarations issued by the rivals. Why doesn’t the general use it? Abdel Fattah the proof and his supporters, nor forcesQuick supportWhich phrase is more frequent than “?unfortunatelyOn what is happening in their homeland and at their hands!

Indeed, the warring parties always talk about the dead and destroyed machinery and equipment on the other side. The first thing that the reader or listener feels for them is the tone of pride that overwhelms their language. It is as if they do not know that those who are proud of being killed or injured by the “enemy” are Sudanese like them, and that the material losses are also among the property of the Sudanese people, and it cost them a lot to accomplish them.

Neither of the two parties to the conflict is content with stating the damage inflicted on the opponent, nor his military or political defeat, but rather deliberately attempts to insult and humiliate him through violent and obscene language that spreads feelings of malice, hatred and revenge. Very harsh and hostile speech to the extreme. Where his goals may not be limited to the enemy of the immediate circumstance, but rather to be an example to others: he terrorizes and intimidates all people, whoever they are, supporters of the current “enemy” or neutral. Of course, this violent rhetorical approach does not deviate much from the usual: hostile language is strongly present in wars. However, we should not forget that crises and armed conflicts are temporary, and the parties to them are rarely all losers, in one way or another.

In his memoirs about his role in the war The second worldIt was the French general de Gaulle He expresses deep regret over the human and material damage inflicted on his French opponents. Because they are his citizens and the property of his people. And he repeated the same feelings of regret and sadness after that, after what happened to his French enemies in Algeria Between the government and colonial settlers who fought the French state and carried out campaigns of assassinations and arson against it and against Algeriansunder the banner of the Secret Army Organization (OAS[i]), their rejection of independence Algeria When they realized that their country was about to yield to pressure The People’s Liberation Army and the will of the Algerian people and their attachment to their fire and the reception of their country .

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When and how do we really regret, in our Arab world, our fighting among ourselves? not just in Sudanbut in many other countries: Somalia، Iraq، Syria، LibyaaLemon… and the list may be long, unfortunately.

God bless and save Mauritania.

Let us all remember that its security and stability are in our hands, we the frameworks – political actors, publishers and opinion leaders. And we must do our utmost to strengthen it, especially in the electoral seasons that we have begun to run, one of which may constitute a good turning point in our dealings with each other with the political opponent, if we make good use of the opportunity. Then we won’t need to regret it. This is what I hope with God and it is not difficult for him.

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[i] Organization of the secret army.


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