whining at a high level

Bhen skiing was invented and in a hundred years of winter sports tourism, no one suspected that one day wearing an FFP2 mask would be required. Otherwise skiing might never have caught on if all the poor Alpine villages were still poor and not crooked.

When the FFP2 mask was invented, the concerns of skiing did not play a major role, because nobody suspected that it would one day be used for skiing. That’s why no one can complain when the FFP2 mask, snuffed up from the inside and snowed on from the outside, is soaked or frosty on your face while your ski goggles fog up.

After all, there are several options to choose from to comply with the obligation to wear a mask when using the mountain railways. First: Cover your mouth and nose on the way up, put the mask in your jacket on the slopes. Ski goggles up, ski goggles down, gloves off, gloves on, chin strap on, chin strap on, helmet off, helmet on, jacket pocket on, jacket pocket closed, mask out, mask in – over time you get rhythm and routine. Or secondly: quickly pull the mouth and nose protector under your chin before you set off. Getting your helmet straps and neckerchief tangled, a bit of fiddling and cursing, tearing of the ear straps – you can get over that. Third: wear a mask all the time and everywhere. You can watch from time to time or stay at home.

This is whining at a high level. It should be at least 1500 meters in climate change winters like this one. Let’s not be ungrateful. It is better to ski with an FFP2 mask than not to ski at all. And during the lunch break, in the hut, everyone is allowed to sit together anyway, vaccinated, boosted and without a mask, how nice.

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