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Apple is known as a design-focused company, but it pays attention not only to the iPhone and Mac series, but also to peripherals.

Among them, “Magic Mouse” is characteristic. The YouTube channel “Apple Explained”, which is familiar with Apple, explains why this mouse is designed like it is now.

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Why it doesn’t matter if the charging port of “Magic Mouse” is on the back side

One of the big features of “Magic Mouse” is that the power port is on the back side. However, this feature is sometimes criticized by users as “there is a Lightning connector on the back side and you cannot use the mouse while charging”.

Why did Apple adopt a seemingly inconvenient design for the Magic Mouse?

One rumor is that the “Magic Mouse” was designed so that it couldn’t be used while being charged so that it wouldn’t be mistaken for a wired mouse.

But the rumor “is likely to be wrong,” Apple Explained points out. The reason is that the “Magic Keyboard” of the same series can be used while being charged and connected.

Previous Magic accessories used batteries and stored the batteries in the “top for keyboard” and “back for mouse”. If it is a dry battery, it can be replaced as soon as the battery runs out, so even if the battery is stored on the back side, it can be used without feeling inconvenient.

However, Apple’s change from “battery-powered” to “rechargeable” has raised the question of where to place the charging port. There is no problem with the keyboard being charged from the top as before, but for the mouse, if you do the same as before, the charging port will be on the back side.

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So why didn’t Apple move the Magic Mouse charging port to a more convenient location? “Apple Explained” answers, saying that Apple probably didn’t consider this a problem.

Because “Magic Mouse” can be used for about 9 hours with a 2 minute charge. In other words, you can use it for a day without any problems just by charging it while taking a short break.

However, there is no doubt that this charging port has been criticized by users. Tech media “The Verge” commented that the charging Magic Mouse “looks like a flipped beetle.”

Recently, Apple has shown a stance of responding to the voice of users, such as increasing the types of ports in the Mac series and removing the criticized Touch Bar. The 2nd generation “Magic Mouse” hasn’t been upgraded for about 6 years since it first appeared in 2015, so I’d like to expect a new model that can be used while charging.

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