Why did you marry Adel Imam?.. Yousra dared to reveal the secret without shame

The Egyptian actress, Yousra, revealed the secrets of her relationship with leader Adel Imam over the past years.

Yousra said in an old interview about her relationship with the leader, saying, “I succeeded through my appearance with Adel Imam, and that he is the only artist who agreed to write his name before me.

The able star added: “Adel Imam is the only artist who, if he had asked to marry me, I would not have been able to refuse him.

And the artist continued talking about the leader, “He explained and made people happy all the time, laughing and joking, and he loved Farfasha, his blood is light and his love is sweet.”

On the other hand, Yusra said during her recent hosting of the “Sahranin” program, with the artists Amir Karara and Muhammad Al-Sharnoubi, that “the scenes of the leader’s work are fun and full of laughter and joking, everyone is happy and happy, and he is a beautiful person with light and committed blood and knows the name of each one in the work team.” .

And about the scenes of working with him in the movie “The Yacoubian Building”, Yousra said: “Adel Imam made Alia pincers twice, once with the writer Waheed Hamed and Marwan Hamed, after he offered me to participate in the film with five scenes.” He said to me: “I read the paper, and when I read it, I agreed and met the real character and imitated it in everything.”

And she continued, “When he feels that he has done a sweet scene, it is impossible to bring him back again,” commenting: “Adel Imam, when he played the role of a poor character, he had to appear in a clean appearance.”

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As for the second pincer, when Adel Imam called her and asked her to travel to Alexandria the next day, because he would start shooting a new movie – “The Man Lives Once” – within two days, she contacted producer Mamdouh Al-Leithi and apologized for not participating in a movie she signed before that.

And the artist Yusr added, during her talk about the leader, saying, “Adel Imam is a great Arab artistic stature, as he carried the banner of art over his shoulder for 50 years, and he carried us as well and carried our concerns. A warm winter’s night, a message to the governor, terrorism and kebabs, and others.

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