Why PS and Ecolo defend a hard line in the reception crisis

The Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration, Nicole de Moor (CD&V), presented at this meeting a new version of her battle plan to house refugees on the streets. Or, in any case, accommodate more. At the time of this writing, discussions were still ongoing. A press conference could take place this Thursday about the solutions found by the federal government to improve the situation on the ground. Tuesday, on La Première, Nicole de Moor mentioned in particular the possibility of installing a “container village” in order to shelter migrants in a slightly more decent way.

Reception crisis: Molenbeek took care of 168 asylum seekers who were camping on the bridge

A point of honor for Écolo

Faced with this reception crisis, PS and Écolo defend the hardest line. In particular, the greens seem to make this file a point of honor. It is true that Ecolo is undoubtedly the clearest party of the majority on its “pro-migrants” line. Ecologists have also been roughed up in recent months: extension of nuclear power while the party advocates the closure of power plants, delivery of arms to Ukraine while Ecolo has a pacifist DNA…. The Greens cannot afford too soft a compromise, as a bonus, on the question of asylum.

When at the PS, in addition to the progressive convictions of the formation of Paul Magnette, an additional issue has come to complicate the situation: the Pensions file. We know that PS Minister Karine Lalieux must complete her reform in the coming days, under pressure in particular from the European Commission. Dragging its feet in a file (the asylum crisis) is also a way for the PS to push its partners to compromise with regard to the pension reform project.

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The Vivaldi still stalls on the reception crisis

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