Why Sabrina Sosa Left Yingo: The Real Reason Revealed by Alejandro Rodríguez

2023-06-30 00:18:33

By Alejandro Rodríguez P. June 29, 2023 at 8:16 p.m.

Sabrina Sosa He told the real reason why he decided to leave Yingo, the extinct youth program broadcast by Chilevisión.

This happened when they were talking about the youth format in Follow me and follow you, and how the dynamics were generated within the space. It was there that the model confessed that she was not comfortable with some production demands regarding her relationship with her peers, according to what she stated. The time.

According to Sabrina, the team behind the program made them invent some problem, conflict or romance to be able to show it on the air.

The model said that all the members of the youth space had the same contractual tasks, which were: dancing, singing, making recordings, and generating stories that involved the rest of the members of the program.

For the same reason, Sabrina said that she was not comfortable with this type of format to attract the audience, and that she never tried to do it, because she never wanted to get involved in this type of content with her colleagues such as Karol, Arenito, Kneza, among others.

He also revealed that the program had a rhythm that he did not like and that he also did not understand Chilean idioms much.

On the other hand, he never liked the way the people in the youth program related, so his participation did not prosper, and he preferred to leave the remembered program that was all the rage in Chilevisión more than a decade ago.

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