Why was Ali Abdullah Saleh killed? .. The Saudi ambassador to Yemen answers

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN)— Muhammad Al Jaber, Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to Yemen, responded to a question about why former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh was killed, shedding light on Iran’s role in this.

This came in an interview conducted by the ambassador on the Gulf Rotana channel, where he said: “The Houthis are an extension of the Iranian regime’s killing of Arab leaders. This is not the first Arab leader to be killed by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and the Iranian regime, unfortunately through Arab hands – they killed Rafik Hariri in Lebanon before him.”

Al Jaber continued: “President Ali Abdullah Saleh was a brave endowment. He tried to enter with the Houthis and restore them to peace and to have a role in the future of Yemen and he is with them, and he admitted to them that they are a political force, but in reality they refused and continued to dismantle the agreement that was between them. Saleh al-Sammad shook hands with President Ali Abdullah.” Valid..”

He added: “He (Ali Abdullah Saleh) does not want the Iranian regime to control Yemen. He is an authentic Arab man who is keen on his country’s revolution and the sacrifices he and his people made. The Houthis killed him until they kill the Yemeni will.”

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