Will the merger deal between “Taiba Investment” and “Dur Hospitality” succeed?

Abdullah Al-Rabadi, CEO of Rasana Financial Company, said that the disclosure of a possible merger deal between “Taiba Investment” and “Dur Hospitality” is good for the market and for the two companies.

Al-Rabadi explained in an interview with Al-Arabiya that in order for any merger between the two companies to succeed, there must be common factors, and this is available in the “Dur” and “Tiba” deals.

He pointed out that there is a partnership between the owners of the two companies, and therefore factors are available for the success of this process later.

Al-Rabdi mentioned that the two companies can form an entity that works in the hotel and tourism sector and operates hotels well, explaining that “Tiba” has its capabilities, while “Dur” has a position in several good sectors.

He added that the merger will help reduce costs and unify an appropriate strategic policy for the two companies.

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