Wine Etiquette: What to Do with a Bottle Offered by a Guest

2023-07-31 07:29:18

Rules of decorum

What to do with the wine offered by a guest?

One of your dinner guests offered you a bottle of wine? It’s very thoughtful of him. The rule of propriety, however, is not to uncork it immediately.

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A guest offers you wine? Thanks are in order, before putting the bottle aside.


Daniel Prattley is a butler and reveals his most valuable tip for dinner parties… and this one concerns wine etiquette. Uncorking a bottle that was offered to you that evening is considered rude. Daniel Prattley knows this better than anyone, since his job is to serve wealthy families and host prestigious dinner parties.

“Never open a wine that has just been offered to you,” he told “Insider” magazine. According to the butler, uncorking a bottle brought by a guest that very evening is bad taste. Guests might think you haven’t provided enough wine for dinner.

Note who offered the wine

But then, what to do with the bottle received as a present? Daniel Prattley recommends providing a console on which to place the wine, the flowers and all the presents brought by the guests. But it’s not always easy to remember who brought what, especially if the number of guests is large. Again, the butler has a little trick: “Many of my customers write the name of the person who gave them the bottle on the label and set it aside for another occasion”.

The wine served during dinner must come from your reserve.


The rule of not immediately uncorking a bottle that has just been offered to you, however, only applies to wine and not to other drinks. The label allows you to open a bottle of sparkling wine at any time, according to your desires.

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The wine must come out of your reserve

Your cellar must be well stocked. “Make sure you have not only enough wine, but also enough soft drinks for those who drive, pregnant women, or people who don’t drink alcohol,” he says.

Daniel Prattley’s expertise is not improvised. The Briton works for wealthy families around the world and specializes in the art of hospitality in large residences. On Tiktok, he regularly shares his daily life as a butler and provides advice on how to set a table for a dinner. His video regarding it has garnered nearly a million views.

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