WoW Player Spends Nearly $50,000 On Diablo Immortal

At the beginning of the month, a new mobile game had just appeared on the App Store. Highly anticipated, Diablo Immortal immediately made the news. The mobile game is heavily criticized by fans for its “Pay to Win” aspect which requires players to spend real money to progress in the game.

A situation all the more unfortunate when you know that it is the big Blizzard studio, not really short of money, which is behind the game. Despite these criticisms on the need to pay to progress, the game received a good critical reception. If the situation obviously gives bad publicity to Blizzardthe number of players and the revenue of the game are very good indicators for the studio.

Because some people spend lavishly on the game, looking for the best character it is possible to have. Among all these players, one was smarter than the others: daymeeuhn. Behind this nickname hides in reality a player who has spent hundreds of hours on World of Warcraft, another Blizzard game.

With the credits he collected on the first game, he managed to transform this fictitious money into Diablo Immortal and thus acquire characters and abilities that normally cost hundreds of dollars.

The grotesque as a weapon once morest the grotesque

In all he spent the equivalent of 48,000 dollars. A crazy sum, which he explains having squandered in the game to “irony on the situation”. The player indeed takes pleasure in fighting opponents who have spent thousands of dollars in Diablo Immortal.

The process put in place by the player to develop his character is perfectly legal and in accordance with the T&Cs of the mobile and PC game which encourages the purchase of numerous accessories to progress the character. Regarding this large in-app purchase, which is not really one, it is difficult to know how the latter will be taken into account by Apple in its calculation to calculate his 30% commission.

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