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2023-06-16 03:36:27

Artist Xu Jiehui announced his retirement from the entertainment industry. (Picture/China Time File Photo)

Artist Xu Jiehui was accused of sexual harassment one following another. His good image for many years was ruined. The filming of “My Mother-in-law Why Is So Cute” also had a tragic change of roles. He announced his retirement from the showbiz yesterday (15th), but he was the first to break the news.” The victim of “group sex dubbing”, but posted an article once morest the wind to support Xu Jiehui, emphasizing that “changing roles is not fair to the production team and other actors.”

The victim who initially accused Xu Jiehui of asking for “group dubbing practice” on Facebook “HateTheatre” actually posted an article to speak for Xu Jiehui in the early morning, pointing out that he chose to speak out in recent days because he considered “there may be other victims.” , There is no such thing as following the trend or “rubbing”. I hope that the younger generation will not experience the same predicament once more, especially as more and more victims come forward, they can share the haze that has been accumulated in each other’s hearts for a long time and support each other Facing this storm.

This turmoil has now touched the nerves of society. Victims hope that sexual harassment and inappropriate performance training will not exist in the process of learning performing arts. The use of “professionalism, power” and harm in the name of “art” should not exist in the workplace Therefore, in future training, intimate scenes, and training related to sex and body, we should pay more attention to this link, so as not to cause harm to the actors, and then shouted to Mr. Xu Jiehui and his management team: “Be able to take the initiative to explain and exert influence. power, to have an explanation to the parties involved and the society.”

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After the sexual turmoil broke out, Xu Jiehui not only announced his withdrawal from the showbiz, but the drama “My Mother-in-law 2” that he participated in also stopped filming urgently. After all, it is obvious to all that he successfully gave life to the character in the play. If changing the role is unfair to the production team and other actors, let’s not forget to emphasize that every victim can be treated with fairness and respect. After all, it should be reviewed Yes, never should be a victim.

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