Yann Dambremont Case Verdict: Mother Found Guilty of Assassination Attempt and Murder – Full Trial Details

2023-12-12 16:02:28

The Hainaut Assize Court delivered its verdict this Tuesday followingnoon in the Yann Dambremont case, named following this seven-month-old baby who died on September 15, 2019 in Gosselies. Had his mother already tried to kill him on August 29, 2019? Did she kill him on September 15, 2019 by force-feeding him the contents of her bottle containing whole milk and a thickening material? Were the actions premeditated?

This Tuesday, the jurors answered “oui” to these different questions. Maude Dambremont is guilty of an assassination attempt and the murder of her seven-month-old son Yann.

The case

On September 15, 2019, Maude Dambremont called the emergency services. His son Yann, aged seven months, no longer reacts. The rescuers tried to save the child, in vain. The death is suspicious. The mother was questioned by the police for several hours. She cries and gets angry, being obnoxious and rude at times.

The police discovered that, on August 29, she had already called for help. The child was barely saved, spitting out the milk that was blocking his airways. They also discover that the mother has carried out research on the internet, asking in particular the question of surviving the death of a child. Finally, she went hospital shopping with the child.

The investigating judge orders a psychiatric assessment. Maude Dambremont has ten of the fourteen symptoms of Münchhausen syndrome, which does not make her irresponsible for her actions. Mythomaniac, manipulative, she likes to attract attention to herself, even if it means harming her baby.

The trial

Last Monday, the first day of the trial, Maude Dambremont denies having attempted to kill, and then killed her son, two weeks later. She maintains that Yann was a victim of sudden infant death syndrome because doctors told him so. She screams that no one wants to believe her.

Last Tuesday, the second day of the trial, the forensic doctors destroyed his position. Yann died of asphyxiation. Whole milk mixed with cereal, a pasty substance, is found in large quantities in the child’s bronchi. These were blocked, depriving the child of air.

The accused, whose morality investigation reveals that she is a liar and manipulator, changes her position. His lawyers obtained the mandate to plead beatings resulting in death without intention of causing it.

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The prosecution and the civil parties ask the court to ask the question of the aggravating circumstance of premeditation in the two crimes accused of Maude Dambremont.

The verdict

Tuesday, following five days of debate and six hours of deliberation, the jurors delivered their verdict. They cited several reasons to justify their decision. First of all, they found that the facts took place when the child was alone with his mother. So, nothing happened to him when he was with his host family, his godmother or in a hospital environment.

The intention to kill is established by the fact that the accused had to accept the lethal consequences of her actions, practicing maneuvers and observing the distress reaction of her child. On August 29, the latter was narrowly saved by emergency workers. On September 15, she waited an hour before calling for help. She used the same procedure, feeding her son with thickened whole milk, which was not recommended by the pediatrician.

In addition, the jurors believe that the facts were thought out and planned. The accused announced the death of her son on May 31. On August 29, at 11:14 a.m., she researched how to survive her baby’s death, announcing that he would receive palliative care at home. The child had not yet died.

The sentencing debate will be held this Wednesday.

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