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Original title: Ye Bei and Xu Wei Xiamen Dream on the same stage to perform “I heard and written alone”

On the evening of the 23rd, Ye Bei sang at the Xiamen Station of the “Hearing and Writing” concert held at the Minnan Grand Theater in Xiamen.Photo by Yang Fushan

China News Service, Xiamen, April 23 (Reporter Yang Fushan) Ye Bei, known as the “Queen of Folk Ballads”, joined hands with “rock poet” Xu Wei on the evening of the 23rd to start a dream cooperation and sang at Xiamen Minnan Grand Theater, with “I heard and wrote alone”. “The Xiamen Station of the concert opened the prelude to the “Spring in Southern Fujian” performance season of the theater.

Xu Wei, who has risen to fame since the period of the flamboyant and wanton band, released an album “Time Walk” after years of precipitation, which is more well known and loved by the majority of fans. In recent years, Xu Wei has rarely appeared, and only occasionally appears because of music.

This Ye Bei concert invited Xu Wei as a guest to help out, which was a big surprise for Ye Bei fans and fans who like Xu Wei.

In fact, the cooperation between Ye Bei and Xu Wei has already started. In 2001, Ye Bei released the album “Pisces” and won the Best Record Award of the year. The producer of this album is Xu Wei, and this is the only whole album that Xu Wei has produced besides his own works.

In 2017, Ye Bei wrote and composed the lyrics and music of “Falling in Love with You on the Way of Wandering”, and invited Xu Wei to sing with her. This song, which the two friends cooperated with tacitly, won many important awards again.

Ye Bei has sung many excellent folk songs such as “Youth Without Regrets”, “The Age of Fluttering White Clothes”, “After the Rain in B Minor”, and achieved the reputation of the first female folk song in the Mainland. She is also a creator, with her pure singing and Fans share their insights into life and music. In this concert, she carefully designed the playlist, and integrated all the warmth, beauty, tranquility, and easy-going about youth and wandering into the notes, bringing the audience a double imagination of emotion and music.

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The organizer said that the live band of the concert was composed of the 28th Taiwan Golden Melody Award winner, composer, keyboard player, music producer Qin Sifeng, guitarist Feng Chong, bassist Zhao Haocheng, The backing vocalist Fan Zhuqing and other well-known performers and music producers at home and abroad also brought unexpected surprises to the audience.

According to a relevant person from the Minnan Grand Theater, in 2022, the theater will also prepare a series of high-quality stage works for the audience during the “Southern Fujian Spring” performance season, such as the starring of the Northern Kunqu Opera Theater, Tang Xianzu’s legendary work “Peony Pavilion”, the original drama “William” “With Me”, tenor Wang Chuanyue’s “Song and Ode” concert, Yang Liping’s modern dance drama “Rite of Spring”, Li Xiang’s stage work “Influence and Impact”, etc. (Finish)Return to Sohu, see more


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