Yong Junhyung admits to dating Hyuna… “I hope you watch carefully”

2024-01-20 12:27:38

Singers Hyuna and Yong Junhyung. File photo provided by Black Maid Singer Yong Jun-hyung officially acknowledged his romantic relationship with Hyuna.

On the 20th, Yong Junhyung left a message through a fan communication platform, “I think you may have been surprised by the sudden news. We are doing well, receiving positive energy from each other, so I hope you will keep an eye on us.”

On the 18th, the two people attracted attention by releasing a photo of them holding each other’s hands through social media. Although her face was not visible, Hyuna tagged Yong Junhyung’s official SNS account on the man’s back and left a message saying, “Please look at it nicely.”

Fans’ reactions to the post hinting at an open relationship were mixed. While there are fans who bless and support their relationship, some have pointed out that Yong Junhyung was involved in the illegal filming incident of singer Jung Junyoung in the past.

The agencies of both parties declined to comment, saying it was a private matter, but Yong Jun-hyung admitted to fans that he met Hyuna, and the two became an official couple in the entertainment industry.

Yong Junhyung left the group Highlight after being involved in the illegal filming incident of his close friend Jung Junyoung, and is currently working as a solo singer.

At the time, Yong Jun-hyung denied that he was a member of the so-called ‘Jung Jun-young group chat room’ where illegal footage was shared, but soon after, he admitted that he had seen the illegal footage that Jung Jun-young shared through a 1:1 chat room and had an inappropriate conversation about it. Then, at the press conference for the new mini-album ‘LONER’ in 2022, he was criticized for selectively explaining that he was not a member of ‘Jung Joon-young’s group chat room’, saying, “I did not belong to any group chat room.”

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Hyuna, who is also active as a solo singer, previously broke up with singer Dawn from the group Pentagon after six years of public dating. Afterwards, the two moved to the same agency, At Area, and there were constant rumors of them reuniting, but this came to an end when she started a new relationship with Yong Junhyung.

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