“You recognize prematurely who you’ll award. Don’t go!” [βίντεο] – 2024-06-24 10:22:25

Initially, Danae mentioned in an intense tone: “Marina is clearly not affected. These of us who beloved her love her, I will not let you know just a little extra after yesterday. Athenais Nega speaks as if she was compelled to go to MAD, whereas MAD is a celebration that, if you happen to can, you go, if you cannot, you do not. This assertion relating to “I felt embarrassed to award Marina”… You already know who you will award. Do not go, if that is the case.”

He added: “You possibly can very politely inform the organizers that you simply wish to award another person. Certainly one thing else might be achieved.”

And he continued saying: “And different girls wished to place themselves, like Despina Vandi and Katerina Lioliou, for social points. Such moments can occur, all of us can say issues on the unsuitable time. The place and the way you place your self performs an important function. To deliver again now one thing that has handed in a celebration”.

“So for ten years now each time we see Marina Satti we’ll yawn? Now say this factor in awards? This impresses me” mentioned Danai Barka characteristically!

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