“You will withdraw 57,500 pounds”… The National Bank’s platinum certificate will earn you gold with a high return and quarterly disbursement

Al-Ahly Bank Platinum Certificate With the increasing interest about the best bank certificates in the Egyptian market, which can get thousands of pounds behind them, the platinum National Bank certificate has topped the scene with the competitive return offered by the bank to customers, which amounts to 11.5%, which allows them to save money within these certificates. It is worth noting that the 14% certificate topped the scene with its appearance until the National Bank stopped it, and the customer looks at the advantages offered by the bank with each certificate presented.

Al-Ahly Bank Platinum Certificate

It should be noted that the minimum that a customer, whether new or contracted with the bank’s administration, can put is a thousand pounds or more to purchase the Platinum National Bank Certificate. The opportunity to purchase certificates is good for them so that they can enjoy the benefit as much as possible.

Al-Ahly Bank’s triple interest rates

In general, the Al-Ahly Bank platinum certificate, the details of which we present to you, will obtain the return for a period of three years, which is a good period, and the bank issues a credit card in order to enable it to disburse the return later. Minimum in order to withdraw the amount set in case you want to stop the certificate, and the return begins to increase from the next day. As for loans, one of them can be withdrawn with the certificate that the customer purchased as a guarantee for him.

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And when you add 500 thousand pounds, you get 57,500 pounds, because the interest is 11.5%, and it can be calculated by multiplying the amount you want to put inside the certificate in the percentage shown, divided by 100% using the calculator.

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