“Your fake sister”: Joy Hallyday attacked on her social networks, she responds

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On Friday July 29, 2022, Joy Hallyday, one of Johnny Hallyday’s daughters, posted a photo of herself alongside her sister on her Instagram account. Unfortunately, the post stirred up the hatred of an Internet user who sent him an inappropriate message: “Your fake sister doesn’t even have the same Vietnamese parents as yours, you don’t have the same blood or DNA. Go help your parents in Vietnam instead of showing off bling-bling“. Joy Hallyday did not let it go and replied to the message with “No bestie no“. If the comment is now deleted, users of the social network continue to defend the girl.

Internet users come to his defense

We are on the account of a 14-year-old girl, and all these nauseating messages are not acceptable… It does not matter whether we like the Hallyday family or not, but we must be a minimum of polite and mature, especially when we are adults“, writes a user under the post. Another shares this comment: “The bonds of the heart are sometimes more important than those of blood! You are two sisters full of love between you with parents who gave you so much love! Point! Some are not so lucky and sometimes it makes them angry, don’t take it into account and enjoy what life has given you!“.



“Pathetic and Embarrassing”

More generally, to respond to all the people who make nasty remarks to her, Joy Hallyday has decided to post a little word in story. “You think you know all my life, my family or who loves who. Pathetic and embarrassing. It shows that you really believe everything you read on the internet.” The message got through.

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