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2024-01-07 17:42:18

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With Heaven Is A Junkyard Trevor Powers is a great comeback after an eight-year break Youth Lagoon succeeded. With Football he now also gives the record an appropriate epilogue.

Like the album mothership, the subsequent standalone single is wonderfully sensitive, harmonically mature, well-rounded and gracefully produced in depth, the bedroom indie dream pop in a warm, gently seductive aesthetic Sparklehorse and Cigarettes After Sex caressing and shifting with a vaguely cuddly psychedelia, which (as the now organic-androgynous vocals are an example of) only has little influence Wondrous Bughouse has to do.

Trevor Powers (vocals, piano, guitar and programming) is brought in for this Football Support from Gabe Noel (bass and lap steel), Sam KS (drums and steel pans) and Bonnita Lee (background vocals and mandolin).
In this synergy, a supposed piano then tumbles so sweetly into a smooth, softly driving beat, the voice is dreamily embedded in the beguilingly pleasant catchiness, whose elegiac singalong refrain creates a cute but also non-binding catchy tune in the atmosphere before the finish slightly oriental flair.

And you told me I was stayin’ strong, when all I’ve done is play along/And they put it on, they put it on me/Don’t put it on me/ Maybe you’re not the person who caught the football.” sings Powers and explains the background: “Football” is really a celebration of failure. Society has a terrible habit of only recognizing achievement while glossing over the greatness in the shadows. We’re so distracted trying to earn love, worth and value that we forget it’s something we inherently already have. I wanted to play with this idea through the lens of sports ‘cuz, in a lot of ways, sports are the truest religion. When I was young, it was the only way I knew how to connect with my dad. We didn’t have a lot in common, but we could both throw the ball. There were rules and rituals we could see eye-to-eye on. We didn’t have to argue over who was right or wrong. The difference in my family was, it didn’t matter how good I was. The act of just throwing a ball was communion. It didn’t matter if I caught it. I love my Dad for that.“
The B-side of the vinyl version limited to (far too limited) 300 copies – House For Lucy – unfortunately it is not available digitally.

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