Youth league installs notice boards on Purunnal day : Nattu Visesham

Youth League installs notice boards on Perunnal Day

Monday, July 11, 2022 12:43 AM IST

Ponmala: Panchayat Second Ward Muslim Youth League Committee Various places in the country Directional boards have been installed to guide them. 10 suas which are very useful for common people on Baliperunnal day Chana boards were installed at various places in the ward.
Inauguration of Installation of Boards Thenparanp Juma Masjid Khatib P.T. Performed by Moosakutty Musliar. Muslim League Panchayat General Secretary V.A. Rahman presided. In the ceremony, Grama Panchayathangam K.T. Akbar, P. Unni Muhammad, K.T. They said Salaam.

Muslim Youth League Ward Committee President K. Rashid, P. Sharafuddin, P.M. Shihab, P. Shihab, P.T. Nias, P.M. Afzal, P.T. Zulfi, C. Rushaid, P. Shibli gave leadership.

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