Yuna “I humbly accept the disciplinary action of a three-year suspension of qualifications”

Yuna (19) announced that she would humbly accept the disciplinary action of the Sports Fair Committee.

On the 19th, Yoon Eana said, “I will respect the decision of the Sports Fair Committee and humbly accept the decision given by the Korea Golf Association for ‘violation of golf rules and reporting following it’.”

Eana Yoon apologized, “I am truly sorry for causing damage to my colleagues and seniors and juniors due to my immature actions and for disappointing all the fans who love Korean women’s golf. ” he said.

On the 19th, the Korean Golf Association (KGA) Sports Fair Committee issued a three-year suspension of qualifications to Yuna.

The association convened a committee on the 19th and held a disciplinary deliberation on Yoon Na-na, who later reported violating the golf rules for ‘wrong ball play’ at the ‘DB Group’s 36th Korea Women’s Open Golf Championship’ on June 16.

It is known that Yoon Ena personally appeared at the Fair Trade Commission, which was held privately on the same day, and explained the related contents.

At that time, Yuna Yun played a wrong ball on the 15th hole and played a tee shot on the 16th hole without correcting it. She has since reported that she volunteered to the association on July 15th.

In the committee, ▲The fact that Yuna or Yuna continued to play until the next day even though she was aware of the violation of the golf rules and disturbed the order of the tournament ▲He was a member of the national team and had to be an example to others, but he hid the violation of the golf rules and voluntarily reported it The reason for the disciplinary action was that it caused a social scandal by undermining the trust, which is the foundation of golf.

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