Yves Missi: Rising NBA Prospect Analysis and Scouting Report

2024-03-10 08:08:35

Although he will be 20 years old in the draft, Yves Missi’s playing experience is quite short. He only came into contact with regular basketball following immigrating to the United States from Cameroon in 2021. He is ready to challenge the NBA within three years, which also shows his high potential.

Position: Center
Height: 6-10 | Wingspan: 7-6 | Weight: 235 lbs.
Predicted pick: Late first round to early second round

When talking regarding Yves Missi, we must first mention his school Baylor. Baylor plays very much like an NBA team this season, with a lot of hand-to-hand screens and pick-and-roll three-man combinations following half-court positioning. The division of responsibilities among ball handlers, shooters, and inside screens is very clear; coupled with the high intensity of the game, I think Baylor’s game is very referenceable.

But in such a reference game, Missi’s performance was very average. Allow me to mention Missi’s background once more. Although he was already 20 years old when he was drafted, his playing experience is quite short. He only came into contact with regular basketball following immigrating to the United States from Cameroon in 2021. Within three years, he was ready to challenge the NBA, which also shows his potential. high.

Missi’s potential can be seen in his dynamic and static talents. He is 6-10 tall and has a wingspan of 7-6. He has the reach of a standard center at 9-1, but he has the same jumping ability as a wing. The bottom plate is very stable, the explosive power is quite good, and he can become a very good second-wave offensive player in the NCAA. He once grabbed 8 offensive rebounds in a single game once morest Filipowski. He also made a lot of rushes and second-wave tip-ins, which completely overwhelmed Filip.

Of course, this is also due to his blocking habit, bounce speed, continuous bounce, and even rebound prediction ability. Due to the lack of skills to finish in the half-court offense, Missi mostly served as a pick-and-roll screener and hand-off passer at Baylor, and rarely rolled-in offense. Therefore, Missi’s job is naturally to rush for the second wave following rebounding. Offensively, the performance was also quite good.

But apart from the second wave of tip-ins, Missi has almost no other skills on the offensive end. The above-mentioned poor performance in pick-and-roll screening and hand-to-hand dealing is due to her extremely poor screening ability. Although the bottom line is solid, Missi’s habit of removing screens too early also makes the screens he sets up easy to bypass. Even the path selection of the roll-in is not good. He often runs behind others while following the path, which is quite reminiscent of James Wiseman and DeAndre Ayton.

Even in the occasional inside attack following roll-in, Missi’s touch is not good enough. Although the true shooting percentage of 62.8% ranks first in the Big-12, the offense completely relies on the efficiency of the second wave of tip-ins. It can also be seen that Missi’s efficiency is much higher than the actual performance. Of course, as long as you give him a good handle on the ball, guide his path, and release his vertical threat, with Missi’s size and physical condition, he will be a terrifying aerial combat power. Just like Phoenix’s Ayton, with CP3 guidance, it can become an efficient double-ten machine. On the contrary, if not, Missi is probably just a funny machine(?).

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At the same time, Missi’s tactical understanding problem was also amplified by Baylor’s system. Baylor hopes that he will become a high-position tactical engineer and continue to provide him with high-position support for the ball. But playing high-post tactics well has nothing to do with Missi’s performance. Missi’s type is not called support at all, but serves as a transfer station, passing the ball from the weak side to the strong side, and there is nothing else to do. At the same time, Missi has many incomprehensible thoughts. When the strong side is running a good game, Missi will ask his teammates to pass the ball to him, and then pass it to the weak side player. Forget it, as a result, I got stuck in a good position and tried to catch the ball in the low post. In the end, I mightn’t even catch the ball. Not to mention that Missi was very jerky in dribbling. She often walked and made second dribbles. I would be really pissed off watching the ball. .

On the defensive end, Missi is also a very traditional defender at the basket. He is very good at individual defense, and even has good assist defense and supplementary defense capabilities. He is an immediate defender at the basket. But when it comes to pick-and-roll defense, Missi, like Clingan, can only retreat, which makes the defensive formation very limited. Not only is she unable to leave the outside line, she relies heavily on her teammates to go around the screen to cover up defense; if she has to be one-on-one with the ball holder, Missi’s defensive habits with the ball are different: the defensive distance is too far and the range of defense is too large, she will definitely be punished in the NBA .

Therefore, although a jumper like Missi is very talented, according to the current combat strength, can he convince the team to invest in the first round? I would put a question mark. Maybe Missi can stay in a strict system like Baylor for one or two more years. If she can improve her screening ability and pick-and-roll movement within a year of college, maybe a team will invest in the first round of the 2025 draft.

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