3 constellations abuse good people!The self-confessed “savior” was deceived and made excuses for the other party-Fortune-China Times News

2023-06-02 06:58:47

The fortune column named Cancer, Pisces and Sagittarius as good people. (Schematic / Shutterstock)

Kindness is a good thing, but if you are too sympathetic, you may easily hurt yourself. The fortune column of “Sohu.com” named Cancer, Pisces and Sagittarius the most prone to the flood of the Virgin Mary. They feel that they are the savior, and they will make excuses for the other party .


Cancers are kind and soft-hearted. They can’t see others suffering and ignore them. Sympathy has become a habit for them. Therefore, they often overflow with the heart of the Virgin and regard themselves as the savior; this kind of mentality is easy to suffer in relationships. The other party makes excuses, and if the other party pretends to be pitiful, they will soften their hearts and forgive.


Pisces are very soft-hearted, as long as someone pretends to be pitiful in front of them, they will be sadder than the person concerned, and even cry, so they are prone to overflowing with sympathy;


Sagittarius is very loving. They can’t help but cheer for small businesses on the roadside, and they will find excuses for each other when they are cheated; they even like to meddle in their own business. As long as someone pretends to be weak, they will go forward to help regardless.

★ “China Times News Network” reminds you: folk beliefs are for reference only, please do not be overly superstitious!

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