3 Shortcut Formulas to elevate the quality of life to Smart Life in all dimensions, accepting the lifestyle trends of the Gen. New in the digital age

It is undeniable that technology plays an increasingly important role in every moment of life. It leads to the daily behavioral changes of the new generation in many dimensions including work, entertainment and health care. These are all disrupted by innovations that have become familiar and made smart devices become an indispensable part of facilitating life. At the start of the year like this, it’s a great opportunity for anyone who wants to revolutionize their smart lifestyle. Because Huawei provides 3 secret formulas for using IT equipment and gadgets to the fullest extent to enhance the quality of life in the digital era. I guarantee that having a smart helper will make us forget the old way of living in the year.
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Formula 1 – Smart Work: Transforming work. Optimizing the power of smart

With technology and boundless connectivity that allows us to close jobs from anywhere, hybrid work that doesn’t need to be in the office every day is the answer for today’s generation. But what is indispensable for anyone who wants to increase productivity is a good device. that fulfills its potential to the fullest. MateBook D 15 Lightweight and portable laptop Comes with a HUAWEI FullView Display screen that uses up to 87% of the screen area, which will increase the productivity by many times when paired with a powerful tablet, a sharp 2K display like HUAWEI MatePad through the Multi-Screen Collaboration feature Meet the multitasking and multifunction work easily with the HUAWEI Share function, which has up to 3 modes, namely Extend Mode, turning the tablet into an additional screen for people who work quickly, so they do not have to switch windows back and forth. Mirror Mode connects the face. The same display on the tablet and laptop screen in real time, and Collaborate Mode sends and receives all kinds of files across devices in a single glance.

Both smart devices from Huawei can also integrate seamlessly with the most advanced smartphones like HUAWEI nova 9 Connect the smartphone screen to the home screen in the blink of an eye. will work or migrate various data Skip the device, you can do it right away. It reinforces the strength of Huawei’s ecosystem that is both convenient and empowering. Work with flexibility that is second to none for sure.

Formula 2 – Smart Play: Unlock the next level of entertainment. Balance your life to overcome fatigue.

Don’t forget to balance your work with a good entertainment experience. that helps to recharge the mind to get rid of tiredness and to continue to fight every day. Modern humans like us must have a powerful device to be a partner by our side to create fun as you want, such as HUAWEI nova 9 A smart phone with a sleek design that answers all the entertainment needs. With a high-resolution 2340 x 1080 screen, retain every detail and natural colors, up to 1.07 billion colors, smooth display at 120 frames per second without any lag, you can watch movies, listen to music or play games without worry. Content Creation Section Tell me it’s a must have Because it comes with flagship imaging technology with a 50MP Ultra-Vision rear camera and HUAWEI XD Fusion Engine enhances pixel-level clarity for both daytime and nighttime images. As for the front camera, it is full of high resolution, 32 MP, supports taking 4K video selfies and provides a battery pack of up to 4,300 mAh, coupled with fast charging technology with HUAWEI SuperCharge 66 W, fully charged in 38 minutes, what kind of lifestyle? There is no stumble.

enhance lifestyle Add more fun to life. Just go to download various apps in HUAWEI AppGallery The space offers a wide variety of entertainment from around the world. ready to fully fulfill the happiness of the desired content Packed with powerful applications Ready to serve series, movies, sports, variety from many countries. If you like any style, you will be full and satisfied with every taste.

Recipe 3 – Smart Health: Use smart gadgets to make fitness and wellness both easy and fun.

Ending the great formula of smart living with tips on how to keep your body healthy with the latest technology on the gadget that is like a trusty trainer who gives advice on exercise and health care at hand. career like HUAWEI Watch GT series A smart watch that brings full intelligence In line with the health-loving trend of this generation, AI Running Coach helps determine the user’s running and exercise plans, as well as sharing health records with other smart devices. seamlessly Along with measuring heart rate and blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) throughout the day, wearers can choose to enjoy more than 100 exercise modes such as triathlon, mountaineering, cycling, swimming, skipping rope. skiing and golf, etc. It also analyzes the response of the body after training to assess the effectiveness of each exercise.

important HUAWEI Watch GT series can also analyze data to help solve pain points in health care at the point through the HUAWEI Health application that can be downloaded and used with smartphones like HUAWEI nova 9 It will record information from various activities. Every day from walking, running, cycling heart rate Record your route, speed, daily calories burned. weight change history and evaluating sleep efficiency through special features HUAWEI TruSleep It measures the quality of sleep in 4 levels: Deep sleep, Light sleep, REM and Awake, and offers recommendations for better rest. It also helps measure stress levels throughout the day. HUAWEI TruRelax provides users with health care and balances the body to suit each moment.

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The last curve! Elevate your life to be smart in every dimension with the BETTER TOGETHER 2022 campaign.

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HUAWEI MateBook D 15 Full specification laptop suitable for the new generation Whether it’s school age or working age, it’s worth it. Get a vivid picture with a wider perspective with a 15.6-inch screen, 87% screen-to-body ratio, available in two models.

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HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 Series A smart watch that is like a true friend of health lovers. Comes with the ability to measure health values and intelligent exercise allocation feature Up to 14 days of battery life, get a free nylon watch band now. and digital weighing scales HUAWEI Scale 3 total value 2,298 baht when buying 3 smartwatches, including

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