350 Chess Players Compete and Gather in Ramadhan Cup PB Percasi 2024 – 2024-04-04 20:16:25

Ramadhan Cup 2024. (MI/BUDI ERNANTO)

PB Percasi on Saturday (30/3) held the 2024 PB Percasi Ramadhan Cup chess championship at the Kemenpora Building, Jakarta. The event was attended by at least 350 chess players from 20 provinces in Indonesia.

According to the General Chairperson of PB Percasi Utut Adianto, the Ramadhan Cup is not just a competition event, it is also a moment to strengthen ties.

“This tournament is to better maintain friendship, so there is a Ramadhan Cup and Christmas Cup which are held every December,” said Utut.

Utut added that the Ramadhan Cup, which has been held for 21 years, this time is a tournament with a fast chess format competing in four categories, namely Open, Non-Master, U-12 and U-16 age group categories. Apart from competing for a total prize of 70 million Rupiah, the winners in this championship will have the opportunity to get tickets to international competitions.

Utut said that the enthusiasm of the participants never diminished from year to year the Ramadhan Cup was held. It is hoped that this event will encourage chess players to compete.

“There are a lot of people who play chess, but becoming a great chess player is a challenge at working age. If you pursue chess, the prizes are relatively small, you’ll boom if you’re world class or you’ll be broken there,” said Utut.

“But in chess there can be 60 tournaments, there is the Ramadhan Cup, Christmas Cup, Japfa Cup, National Championship, Kejurprov then internationally there are the SEA Games, ASEAN Games, Olympics of course every year there are various tournaments,” he added.

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Compared to the previous edition of the Ramadhan Cup, this tournament experienced a decrease in the number of participants. Previously, the 2023 Ramadhan Cup was attended by 397 chess players from 21 provinces. (Z-6)

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