Lausanne Sport need not be ashamed of their defeat in the final of “their” Masters, 4th stage of the 3×3 World Tour. Having emerged from the pools undefeated, the Lausanne residents even created a sensation by beating the great Serbian favorites of the Ub Huishan NE team by a small point (21-20), they who were then on a series of 14 victories.

After this group feat, Lausanne Sport took the liberty of eliminating one of the favorites in the race for victory in the quarter-finals: Antwerp (20-19). In the semi-finals, they managed to easily dispose of Amsterdam (21-16), also among the best teams in the world.

Unfortunately, the last step was too high for the Vaudois, who lost 21-15 in the final against the Serbian team of Ub Huishan NE.