5.3% Increase in Basic Pensions Confirmed for 2024 – Official Retirement Insurance Announcement

2023-12-20 14:12:36

It is now official: basic pensions will be increased by 5.3% from January 1, 2024. Initially announced at 5.2%, the increase will therefore be higher than expected. Retirement insurance ended up formalizing the rate calculated according to the basic formula of the Social Security Code.

No more doubt then; basic pensions will be increased by 5.3% and not 5.2%, as Bruno Le Maire suggested last September. If until now a semblance of suspense surrounded the question in the absence of an official communication, now the doubt has been officially lifted by Retirement Insurance. “ From January 1, 2024, your general system pension is increased by 5.3% », Indicates the official Retirement Insurance website. And to specify further: “ To cope with changes in consumer prices (excluding tobacco), a new revaluation has been decided, it amounts to 5.3% and will be effective from January 1, 2024 ».

It should be noted that Retirement Insurance emphasizes that other benefits have also been increased. The increase will in fact also affect “ the solidarity allowance for the elderly (Aspa), the solidarity allowance for old salaried workers, life support and allowance for mothers and L.814-2 increase of the CSS, the survivor’s pension, as well as the allowance widowhood “. Here is the good news, therefore confirmed.

Increased pension paid from February 2024

That said, the collection of the increased monthly payments can only take place in the second month of the year 2024, given that the monthly payment which will be collected in January will be paid as the last monthly payment of the year 2023. ” These adjustments apply to your January pension, which will be paid on February 9 », Explains the retirement insurance which however notifies an exception for those affiliated to the regional fund of Alsace-Moselle. “ If you are affiliated with the Alsace-Moselle regional fund, this will be paid to you on January 2 », It is specified.

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For its part, the pension system for state civil servants, magistrates and the military also confirmed the revaluation to 5.3%, with an effective date set from January 1, 2024. Just like the National Fund of pensions of local authority agents (CNRACL). The National Pension Fund for the Electricity and Gas Industries also notified the formalization of the increase in the basic pension to 5.3% for its members for 2024. “ Your pension is paid monthly, in advance, on the first working day of each month », Indicates CRIEG on its site, therefore advising its affiliates that the collection of the monthly payment increased to 5.3% will take place from January 2, 2024.

Finally, the revaluation of the basic pension was calculated, as provided for in the regulations, on the basis of the formula retained in the Social Security Code, in particular through its article L.161-25. This resulted in an increase of 5.3% and not 5.2% as Bruno Le Maire announced last September. Finally, let us point out that the solidarity allowance for the elderly has also been increased by the same rate, namely 5.3%.

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