6 interesting things about the iPhone 13 Pro that some iPhones don’t.

During this period, there may be people who are considering buying an iPhone to decide which model to buy. For anyone who is aiming for the iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro, let’s take a look at 6 interesting things in the iPhone 13 Pro that some iPhone models don’t have at all. In case these new things or features will help you make more purchasing decisions.

6 interesting things about the iPhone 13 Pro that some iPhones don’t.

1. ProMotion 120Hz screen

For the first time, Apple is bringing the ProMotion screen feature to an iPhone in 2021. It will be released only with the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Users will be able to use screens with refresh rates between 60 – 120Hz.

Of course, running a screen with a refresh rate of 120Hz will produce smooth animations. Accurate touch tapping comes up. Create a better user and gaming experience than a regular screen with a refresh rate of 60Hz.

2. Take a movie mode video.

All iPhone 13 models come with a movie mode video recording feature. that can record videos with dimensions shallow With 1080p resolution at 30 fps, video capture can capture the person in the camera and blur the background beautifully. In addition, changing the person in the video can smoothly and naturally change and capture the face of the main person.

and the great thing is We can easily edit videos by changing focus to make our videos look professional.

3. macro photography

iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max have a macro photo mode (Macro) that allows us to take close-up shots with sharp details, whether it’s shooting small insects, taking close-up photos of surfaces, can be captured by no accessories required

Recently, Apple has updated to enable macro control mode. To switch between using macro mode and normal shooting mode while using the camera as well.

4. Photo style

Photo style feature (Photographic Styles) First introduced with all iPhone 13 models, users can choose photo styles to suit different situations. This is to control the tone of images that we take in the same set to come out with similar colors, light and tones.

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There are four photo styles to choose from: Rich Contrast, Vibrant, Warm and Cool.

Previously, it was only available on all iPhone 13 models, but Apple is kind enough to add a photo-style feature to the recently launched third-generation iPhone SE. Allows users to take pictures with more beautiful and appropriate color tones.

5. It has image stabilization using position adjustment.sensor

Optical image stabilization that uses sensor alignment is included with all iPhone 13 models that make photography and video shooting more steady. The camera is more stable when shooting in different situations, producing the most stable shots no matter how much movement.

6. Dual SIM eSIM

All iPhone 13 models are the first iPhones to support Dual SIM with an eSIM, without the need for a dual nano-SIM with an eSIM, but Apple hasn’t ruled out the nano-SIM. One nano-SIM and one eSIM can be registered as well.

But if anyone wants to use a dual eSIM, they can contact the carrier network to register.

And this is an interesting thing that exists in the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Some features are not available on some iPhones. Who is deciding which model to buy? I try to consider it. Or you can watch the detailed information in the video below.

If I were to buy a new iPhone, which model would I upgrade to? (Update early 2022)

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