80-year-old bid for re-election: I will participate in the 2024 election

80-year-old bid for re-election: I will participate in the 2024 election


The 80-year-old Biden is the oldest president in the history of the United States. On April 10, he revealed to the media that he intends to compete for the 2024 presidential throne once more. However, as the confrontation between the two parties in the United States deepens, can Biden win the support of voters once more?

(Voice of Deutsche Welle Chinese Network) US President Biden said in an interview with the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) on Monday (April 10) that he intends to run for re-election in 2024, but “is not ready to announce.” Prior to this, Biden had repeatedly expressed his willingness, but did not make any public announcements.

Archyde.com pointed out that both Biden and Vice President Harris (Kamala Harris, also translated as He Jinli) have stated that they will run as partners once more.

NBC quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that senior officials in the White House are preparing to make a final decision to officially launch Biden’s re-election campaign. At this stage, there are no strong contenders in the Democratic Party, and former U.S. President Trump is already seeking the nomination of the Republican Party.Recently, he was sued once more and occupied the political space; In addition, the national spending issue will cause friction between the two parties in Congress, and the above factors will affect the decision-making process within the White House.

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In February this year,Biden Delivers State of the Union Address, emphasizing the economic achievements achieved during his tenure. On the debt ceiling issue, he has said he will not let Republicans “hold the economy hostage.” U.S. Treasury Secretary Yellen warned Congress earlier this year thatU.S. might face debt default in June without raising debt ceilingbut Republican House Speaker McCarthy argued that unless the Democrats agree to cut federal spending, they will oppose raising the debt limit.

The picture shows U.S. President Joe Biden delivering his State of the Union address to Congress on February 7.

Biden’s challenge

However, according to a poll released by the Associated Press in February, only 45% of American adults approve of Biden’s overall performance, while 54% disapprove; aid to Ukraine, but most Americans say it should not come at the expense of their economy.

After last year’s mid-term elections, the Republicans regained their advantage in the House of Representatives; nevertheless, Biden has also said that he believes that there is room for consensus between the two parties in the United States, such as involving China’s national security issues.

In March of this year, Biden proposed a budget for the 2024 fiscal year, which includedBillions in Indo-Pacific Anti-China FundingSome observations pointed out that although the Republican Party hopes to cut government spending, in terms of resistance to China, the two parties may rarely have cross-party unity and pass the budget.

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