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Vienna (OTS) The 87th State Assembly of the Greens in Vienna started this morning in the Vienna Chamber of Labor training center under the motto “Tremendous for Vienna”. “Rebellion is our Green guiding principle for the second half of the Red-Pink legislative period. Rebelling means rebelling – for example once morest the old way of thinking in this city, which stands in the way of a climate-friendly future. But standing up also means being self-confident and pointing out solutions. And standing up also means, especially in the city: full commitment to the climate and for more trees in the city,” said party chairman Peter Kraus, explaining the motto in his speech. Party leader Judith Pühringer adds: “For us, standing up also means standing up once morest hate speech and racism – especially in view of the black-blue government in Lower Austria and the inflammatory statements by the Viennese ÖVP boss Karl Mahrer.”

The Greens are calling for a city for people using several concrete examples: For example on the Zweierlinie, where due to the current subway construction site there is a once-in-a-century opportunity to convert this into a climate-friendly and people-friendly boulevard. The Äußere Mariahilferstraße might also be rebuilt according to the model of the green success story Mariahilferstraße, the city center might be traffic-calmed and the Naschmarktplatz might be transformed into a park. “The line of two not only offers a historic climate policy opportunity, but also symbolizes courageous green politics. Because innovation always also means social innovation – and the two-line opportunity of the century is regarding the central question of how we distribute public space fairly,” says Judith Pühringer.

In terms of labor market policy, Pühringer focuses on the still prevailing inequalities between women and men and the current debate on the 35-hour week. “It’s regarding distributing gainful employment and care work fairly. We will therefore continue to hold the City of Vienna responsible for finally developing modern working time models and thus also resolutely counteracting the shortage of staff,” says Pühringer. “Because it is precisely this combination of climate protection and contemporary social policy that makes up the green compass that this city needs.”

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The Greens of Vienna also deal with the climate protests at the state assembly. The climate activists Lena Schilling (Youth Council), David Sonnenbaum (Last Generation) and Rosa Novy (Green Youth) discuss together with Judith Pühringer and the National Councilor Lukas Hammer on the topic “Our climate fight goes on”.

At the state assembly, 2 new members for the extended federal executive board and 29 delegates as well as 8 substitute delegates for the federal congress will be elected until early evening today.

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