“A combination of factors that is dangerous”: rescuers warn tourists who will go to the Coast this weekend

Rescuers are on alert for the next weekend at sea, said An Beun, secretary general of the West Flanders Intermunicipal Coastal Rescue Service (IKWV), on Friday.

A spring tide is expected, combined with a strong wind. “A combination of factors which, together with the crowd, is dangerous,” says IKWV. Although a heat wave is predicted, temperatures at sea this weekend will remain below thirty degrees Celsius. Many people are expected to seek refreshment on the coast and in the sea. “We are on edge. Not only because of the good weather and the crowds, but also because of the combination with the spring tide this weekend,” says Beun. “The water is rising very fast, and this at the busiest time of the day. There is also a strong wind at sea and all these factors make the situation even more dangerous. The sea is really treacherous now.”

The Coastal Rescue Service is therefore once again calling on people to follow the guidelines of lifeguards and only swim in supervised areas. “I understand that people want to look for quieter places with this crowd, but then you sometimes end up in unsupervised areas. If you plan to swim, please do so in a supervised area. It can make a difference in these unsafe conditions,” Beun said.

In addition, lifeguards advise bathers to settle on dry sand. “At the spring tide, there is much less space left on the beach. Those who are not sitting on dry sand may be surprised by the rapidly rising waters.”

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