A Controversial Critique: Messi’s Eighth Golden Ball and the Reaction of Fans and Experts

2023-10-31 14:46:16

Lionel Messi this Monday he won his eighth Golden Ball, a fact that was criticized by fans and experts from the sports world, such as the case of Tomás Roncero, deputy director of the media AS and analyst on ‘El Chiringuito’, a popular program in Spain. Roncero wasted no time and criticized the recognition of Messi.

The Spanish journalist pointed out that this was only a tribute to La Pulga for his career, but that he did not deserve it, so he minimized the new Golden Ball for Messigiving a harsh criticism of the Argentinean’s work that was fundamental for the title of the World Cup in Qatar 2022.

“What happened or what did I know, they were going to give Messi another Ballon d’Or. As a tribute it’s fine, it’s a good tribute to his career as a footballer. He retired a few months ago in Miami, he already seemed retired at PSG because he prepared to play the World Cup.

“He won the World Cup, yes. But he also had six penalties in his favor, a historical record. This already happened 10 or 11 months ago, I’ve already missed it, the World Cup in Qatar is a distant memory,” Roncero began forcefully.

Tomás Roncero added that, of his eight Golden Ballsthree were given away, since one deserved to Xavi in 2010, to Lewandowski in 2019 already Haaland This 2023, in addition, he remembered the competition he had with Cristiano Ronaldo and the 8-2 that he scored Bayern Munich al Barcelona con Messi on the court.

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“Messi won five more than deserved Ballon d’Ors in his career and three have been given to him. It was a tribute, thank you Leo for your contribution to football, we will never forget your rivalry with Cristiano and the truth is that eight is a number that I I like it a lot, it reminds me of the night in Lisbon with Bayern Munich.

Did CR7 make fun of Messi?

What sparked the most controversy and reactions on networks was the comment Cristiano Ronaldo made in this video published by AS, as El Bicho launched three laughing emojis, unleashing controversy of all kinds.


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