A deadly poison.. It causes kidney failure and the closure of arteries.. A nutritionist warns strongly against this oil, do not put it in food at all.. Is this oil dangerous??

The extra supply of household oils is collected for sale with the remaining housewives. This demand is frequently used by vendors because they are eager to collect this excess for recycling, which happens to be in many restaurants and bean carts and can be used in many different ways despite the many threats to human health and disease. It causes many diseases to the people who use them, but it is one of the sectors that need oils.

important warning

An immediate warning against the use of this type of edible oil, as warned by d. Nahla, from Residual Oil Recycling, oversees the bacteria department at Cairo Hospital and consults on nutrition and bacteria. These oils are collected and reused in food industries that require oil regularly and in large quantities, including bean shops and potato chip manufacturers.

What do these types of oils cause?

During her speech, Dr. Nahla referred to the many diseases caused by the recycling of these oils. These diseases include kidney failure, heart disease, renal failure, closure of the arteries, and the deterioration of the immune system as a result of the frequent use of soil bleaching to bleach these oils. Jamal Shaaban explained the dangers of using bleaching materials and hydrogenated oils. The Heart Institute previously reported using hydrogenated oils on its official Facebook account, where he said that there is no hydrogenated vegetable oil in a healthy way, but all of this causes many diseases.

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