A devastating reply to those who criticized; Emiliano Martinez as a hero again

A devastating reply to those who criticized; Emiliano Martinez as a hero again

Argentina goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez is the player who deserves the Golden Glove for his excellent performance in the Qatar World Cup. But he is also the most criticized player after Argentina’s historic victory in the World Cup.

After defeating France in the World Cup final, criticism was strong against Amy Martinez for insulting French superstar Kylian Mbappe. But Emi gave a stunning performance for Aston Villa the other day as an answer to those who criticized him.

Aston Villa won the match against Southampton by one goal. Amy was the team’s savior in the match where Ollie Watkins scored the winning goal.

Amy Martinez, who became the captain of the team, was performing throughout the game without giving any chance to the opponents to score. Aston Villa have won four of the five matches that Emi has captained.

The player made five saves in the previous match. Four of those were shots from inside the box. Emiliano Martinez came to the rescue when Southampton had two shots on goal.

Apart from this, the star who made three advanced clearances was also able to complete 83 percent of his passes.

After the controversy after the Qatar World Cup, there were rumors that Aston Villa was preparing to let go of Emiliano Martinez. But coach Une Emery responded that all those are just rumours, and that Emi is their number one goalkeeper.

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Content Highlights: Emiliano Martinez performs well for Aston Villa

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