A fan buys $40,000 worth of Nintendo stock to demand the return of his favorite franchise

A Nintendo fan reportedly spent 5.6 million yen ($40,000) on company stock and later asked to be able to see some of his favorites reborn. favorite Nintendo gaming series left behind.

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During an annual meeting of shareholders of the Nintendo company, an undisputed fan gamer and shareholder allegedly made a request to the top executives of the Japanese company. He would then have asked the president of Nintendo, Shuntaro Furukawa, if it is possible to see the reappearance of certain franchises of games very appreciated by Nintendo fans.

According to the fan’s words, he bought 100 shares at 56,430 yen each, or about $400, in February after selling his shares in another company.

Indeed, the fan would have wanted to see the “F-Zero” franchise, which first appeared in 1990 on Super Nintendo, back. A game among others that would have aroused the enthusiasm of players for sequels or remakes.

However, his remark did not go on deaf ears as current CEO Shuntaro Furukawa reportedly responded to him. Unfortunately, his answer is not reassuring:

It’s really hard to develop new titles and remakes, including sequels, for every Nintendo game that people want. Nevertheless, we are very grateful and appreciate the wishes that players have for our games.

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Despite the CEO’s statement, Shinnya Takahashi, the company’s managing director, gives a more upbeat response:

We are always thinking about how to develop new titles and remakes that can be enjoyed by many players

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In the meantime, Nintendo would have announced that it was going to divide its shares by ten in order to make it more attractive to its shareholders and future investors.

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According to information from Insider

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