A law clarifies how the “judicial costs” system will change the form of litigation in the Kingdom…and reveals 5 categories that are excluded from payment

Al-Marsad newspaper: A legal advisor revealed that the form of litigation in the Kingdom will change a lot due to the judicial costs system that was recently issued, and is expected to be implemented, on the 10th of next Sha`ban.

Lawyer Abdulaziz Al-Ajlan said that the judicial costs system will limit malicious lawsuits and the flow of cases, and that this system will contribute to the speedy completion of the settlement of cases and the activation of alternative dispute settlement methods such as arbitration, mediation and others.

In a series of tweets he posted on his Twitter page, he indicated that the judicial costs, according to Article 1 of the system, are sums of money that the taxpayer is obligated to pay to the competent department, in accordance with the provisions of the system and the regulations.

Regarding the imposition of judicial costs, he explained that their percentage does not exceed 5% of the value of the claim, with a maximum amount of one million riyals, adding: “You have a financial claim for (one million riyals), because fifty thousand are the fees of the case.”

He pointed out that litigation fees or judicial costs do not apply to all cases, but are excluded from them, general penal cases, cases and requests that are specialized in personal status courts such as alimony, divorce and custody, cases and requests that are specialized in the Board of Grievances, lawsuits and requests related to lawsuits for division of estates, and lawsuits Arising from the application of the provisions of the bankruptcy system, termination and related matters

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Al-Ajlan noted that the losing party in the case is the one who bears the legal costs.

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