A preliminary comment on the Iraq-Saudi Arabia match by the author / Raed Omar

The first half of the match was hotter and more dynamic than the second half, and it was characterized by repeated attacks and a noticeable impetus for the Iraqi team, but the efficiency and skill of the Saudi goal keeper stopped and disrupted some of the Iraqi team’s goals in part of its last moments, and on the contrary, the goals scored by the Iraqi team would have been or It may reach 5-6 goals, but the protector of the Saudi goal saved his country from a major and heinous defeat, despite the loss of their team, and despite another recognition that the Saudi team played with professionalism and high-level performance

Through the follow-up to the course of what happened in both halves, it was noted that some members of the Saudi team were replaced four times, so the extrapolation of that was looking forward and beckoning and even suggesting early foresight of the victory of the Iraqi team, as it was evident that the first goal scored by the Iraqi team at the beginning of the first half, had caused In a state of psychological confusion and astonishment among the Saudi players, especially in the repercussions of that in the second half of the match, as if the Saudi players’ brothers had reached from the psychological point of view, approaching a state of half-despair. < وربما اقلّ او اكثر من ذلك , ولعلّهُ كلاهما .! > To achieve and achieve the supposed victory, and about half an hour before the end of the match.!

The abundance and intensity of the rain constituted an additional burden on the players of both teams, in addition to the great impact on the pitch that was filled with amounts of rain water, and its reflection on the difficult performance of the players of both teams.

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The bitter cold and the pouring rain on the masses of fans, transformed by Qadir’s ability into warm warmth: < فسلجيةٍ , سيكولوجيةٍ – وسوسيولوجية > Due to the blazing enthusiasm and heated interaction.

Then: As one of the most difficult and extreme difficulties becomes predicting and pre-predicting the outcome of any match by predetermining the number of goals that either or both teams will achieve, but the Iraqi international player, Captain “Younes Mahmoud” has mentioned and declared the outcome of the match about ten hours from its start, saying that The result will be two goals in favor of Iraq, and zero in favor of the Saudi national team, and this is what has already been achieved. Here, hats must be raised in greeting and appreciation to Captain Younes Mahmoud.

This has been mentioned in the title above, that it is an initial and high-speed comment.!

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