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The TAD has ruled that Pedro Rocha cannot call elections to the Federation assembly, but only to appoint Luis Rubiales’ successor, as president of the management company that he is. He thus responds to the complaint of a singular and vigilant character who lives on the periphery of our football, Miguel Galán, who is nicknamed plaintiff because he comes to the crossroads on all kinds of issues, like an exaggerated environmentalist.

This was a major issue. Rocha’s attempt was designed by the great Rasputín de Rubiales, Tomás González Cueto, whose influence in the TAD we already see has fortunately diminished, although he continues to weigh too much on the disoriented Federation, which he serves from his law firm. Rocha, president of the Extremadura, was selected by the finger of Rubiales from among his numerous court of vice presidents (Rafael del Amo, president of the Navarrese, Pablo Lozano, of the Andalusian, Joan Soteras, of the Catalan, Salvador Gomar, of the Valencian , Elvira Andrés, Antonio Suárez, formerly of the Canarian, and Miquel Bestard, formerly of the Mallorcan), to lead the Federation during his absence, which he mistakenly anticipated was short, thinking of a disqualification of months. It happened the night of his resignation, from which he would say goodbye the next morning. He appointed Rocha as president of the management company “to call elections after the Games.”

He trusted it for a long time, and Rocha has taken advantage of this time to get comfortable. He made Víctor Francos dizzy to convince him that the two elections could be reduced to one, because his balls predicted that it would be his surest path to perpetuate himself. Now they have punctured him and he has to do what the rule requires. This raises a first question: are certain decisions that he has made in this time, such as dismissals or the renewal of the coach, valid?

All the alleged candidates are now faced with a dilemma: go to this first election or wait for the assembly election? In both cases, whoever is presented, it is essential to have a strong number of supports among the regional presidents.

Why do they decide so much, if there are only 19 in an assembly of 143 members? In it, apart from 12 of indoor soccer and 3 of beach soccer, there are 108 of plain soccer, divided between clubs (49), players (32), coaches (10) and referees (11); In each section there are professionals and non-professionals. Of the latter, which report directly to their regional president, there are 29 clubs, 19 players, 10 coaches and 7 referees. That is, 65. That with the 19 caliphs adds up to 84. A comfortable majority.

That is the trick that has allowed the Federation to be a closed entity for years, where a few cook everything. Looked at from afar, they are a blurry collective. Looked at closely, most of them have lawsuits or well-founded suspicions of some kind of gangsterism, whether of an economic nature, of irregularity in the elections that put them there, of abuse of power, of some political stain in the past in some case… To start trembling If we think that among them they decide who is going to lead a Federation that manages national symbols in maximum exposure scenarios.

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The novelty is that in the face of this new election they are disunited. Those involved in the Operation Soulethe one where Ángel María Villar went to prison, gather around Rocha, because they expect protection from him and the Rasputin González Cueto. Among the rest there are at least two trends, but without agreement between them. Let’s say that against Rocha today are Asturias, the Basque Country, the two Castiles, Valencia, the Balearic Islands, half of the Canary Islands and in principle also Andalusia.

Anyone can apply and there have been important people who have tried it, and some who have expressed their purpose explicitly: Carlos Herrera and Eva Parera. Among those in the score we can mention Mateu Alemany, Rami Aboukhair, Carlos Suárez or Javier Lozano. Mateu Lahoz has made his name known to himself and his self-promotion mechanism. (“If ‘football’ asks me…”).

On the one hand, Rocha, who has established a beneficial peace with LaLiga and dreams of attracting Rami Aboukahir, a man with excellent relations with Tebas, as CEO. On the other hand, some figure that can unite the rest, in which case he would have left. But it should be external, because there are struggles for primacy between them.

And, in the end, a World Cup in Spain shared with Morocco and Portugal, which demands that at the head of the Federation there be someone who at least does not embarrass us.

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