A rehearsal for the artist Mohamed Abdo before the classical singing festival in the “Boulevard” • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: Social media activists circulated a video clip of the artist Muhammad Abdo, who is performing several rehearsals for a number of songs in classical Arabic, before his expected concert in the Boulevard City in Riyadh.

And the clip circulating on “Tik Tok” explained the artist, Muhammad Abdo, as he sat at a table and in front of him was a “microphone”, and was rehearsing a number of songs in the classical Arabic, which he is scheduled to participate in in the classical singing festival, along with a number of artists, on the date of 29 , and September 30, October 5 and 6 at the Abu Bakr Salem Theater on the Boulevard.

It is scheduled to participate in the concerts Mohammed Abdo, Lotfi Bushnaq, Arwa Saudi, Asala, Abadi Al-Jawhar, Najd, Ahmed Fathi, Magda Al-Roumi, Kazem Al-Saher, Aziza Jalal and Faya Younan.

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