A transport company must compensate a passenger after suffering burns with coffee in Guerrico

It all happened when the driver of a well-known transport company he abruptly went down the shoulder in Guerrico and caused a coffee to overturn on the legs of a young passenger. A judgment of the civil jurisdiction of Cipolletti condemned the firm for its responsibility in the incident and the girl will be compensated in more than one million pesos.

The event happened when a young woman who was traveling from the province of Chubut to Cipolletti suffered serious burns in the middle of a traffic control on Route 22. At the moment that the assistant was serving breakfast, the bus stopped abruptly in Guerrico.

The amount of compensation was set at 1,090,982.72 pesos and the figure includes the psychological treatment that the passenger must undergo to overcome the episodemoral damage and pharmacy and medical treatment expenses.

Also, to the company Transportes Don Otto SA was imposed a civil fine exclusive of 300,000. The insurance company was also included in the sentence.

Regarding the civil fine, the ruling recognized that the company committed both legal and contractual breaches. Apart from the dangerous maneuver carried out by the driver, it also se contemplated the lack of security measures to avoid accidents, and his subsequent conduct with total abandonment to the affected person.

One of the arguments on which the judgment was upheld, It was the lack of attention that the young woman suffered in Guerrico, the place of the events. It is that the passenger was not transferred to any nearby health center despite the fact that both the driver and the assistant confirmed that the passenger showed great discomfort as a result of the burns.
«This with the sole and obvious purpose of reaching the destination of Cipolletti, and even when she arrived in this city, once at the bus terminal, the company took more than two hours to transfer her to a medical care center”says the ruling that is not yet final because it can be appealed.

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