A well-known detainee released because of a huge blunder by the Brussels prosecutor’s office!

LK, well known to justice, was able to leave Marche prison. This is called an inoperative detention. She did not escape the lawyer Didier De Quevy…

In preventive detention for almost two months, LK is already out! He was released on Wednesday. It was through the front door that the prisoner left Marche prison. And for good reason: a blunder committed by the Brussels public prosecutor’s office made his detention quite simply ineffective. The man, well known to the courts, recently indicted by the Brussels investigating judge Huguet for money laundering in Greece as part of an investigation into one of the largest cocaine trafficking dismantled in Belgium, denies all that that he is blamed. He therefore appealed against the decision of the council chamber to keep him in detention. And this is where the prosecutor’s error comes in.

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