Abu Al-Hassan to Asharq Al-Awsat: Jumblatt’s meeting with Bassil did not and will not affect our alliances

Representative Hadi Abu Al-Hassan explained the backgrounds of the meeting that took place between the head of the Progressive Socialist Party, Walid Jumblatt, and the head of the Free Patriotic Movement, Representative Gebran Bassil, and what might be expected of its results, telling Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper that “the meeting came at the request of Basil, who raised the matter a long time ago and was not available.” The appropriate conditions before that for its convening, and following repeating the request, it was held in the house of the director of (LBC) television, Pierre Al-Daher, the father-in-law of Jumblatt’s daughter.

He added, “The response to the invitation came from our firm standpoint, and we have always called for it, which is dialogue, and the goal is to create a common space among the Lebanese to develop a clear vision of reform and regular work in constitutional institutions, the first of which is the presidential elections, and then finding the formation of the government,” stressing that all that was said regarding A meeting of interests to pass appointments is not accurate and not true.

In response to a question regarding what will come following this meeting and how it can be evaluated, Abu Al-Hassan said: “It must be emphasized that the meeting did not and will not affect our alliances, but the most important thing is that matters remain in the practical results through the positions of the other party so that the judgment remains on them in the end.” As for us, our position is firm on the presidential election approach, and the dialogue must remain continuous with everyone until the election of a president who believes in reform and integrates with the government and believes in Taif, and we will see the other side how it will respond to our proposals.

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And indicating his lack of optimism regarding Basil’s ability to respond to these propositions, Abu Al-Hassan said: “A meeting took place regarding a month ago between the (Free Patriotic) and (Democratic Gathering) blocs, and it was an extensive and in-depth discussion, and we said everything that should be said without reservation, but we did not touch A change in the speech of the second team, as it is required to be positive on the ground by facilitating the elections and dealing positively with the issue of the government.

And whether he raised the issue of the presidency with the President of the Free Patriotic Party, Abu Al-Hassan said: “The discussion remained within the general framework, and we did not enter into the names, knowing that Bassil knows our position, and knows that our candidate today is Representative Michel Moawad, who we will not leave, and we are open.” At the same time, to dialogue with others to find a consensual person who meets the aspirations of the Lebanese people, in coordination with Moawad.

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