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2023-07-21 09:53:04

Acne Studios Shenzhen MixC store will be renewed and upgraded on July 10, 2023. Acne Studios Shenzhen Vientiane City store spans two floors, covering an area of ​​458 square meters. It was built by Halleröd, a long-term brand partner and a design team from Stockholm, Sweden. The new appearance adopts a fully transparent glass curtain wall, which ingeniously echoes the interior pink metal, interpreting a unique sense of technology and spatial effect. The interior walls and ceilings are made of bright high-gloss paint, while the ground and stairs are made of pink-toned granite, which mirrors the exterior glass, creating a casual and relaxed atmosphere while being high-end and solemn.

The store furniture is specially created for Acne Studios by British designer Max Lamb, including a pink wool suede carpet and a leather sofa with a combination of lotus root powder and positive red. The multi-material and color are delicately balanced. The lighting installation is provided by Benoît Lalloz, another long-term collaborating designer. The embedded structure of lamps and lanterns of different lengths is simple, exquisite and highly individual. In addition, the mannequins created by artist Daniel Silver create a three-dimensional and vivid interaction between people and space. There is also a new blue cube device, which is used to display the brand’s core denim series, bringing eye-catching visual impact and shaping a diverse fashion space.

Acne Studios Shenzhen Mixc store

Store address: Shop A1A2T106, T209, Floor 1, Phase III, Mixc City, Luohu District, Shenzhen

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