“Actor Ahmed Ibrahim’s Stroke: Latest Updates from Captain Ashraf Zaki’s Visit to the UAE Hospital”

2023-05-25 21:08:00

Written by Fouad

Friday, May 26, 2023 12:08 AM

Dr. Ashraf Zaki, captain of the acting professions, traveled to the United Arab Emirates to check on the artist Ahmed Ibrahim After suffering a stroke, he was taken to a hospital in the Emirates.

Ashraf Zaki told “The Seventh Day” that he is on his way to Ahmed Ibrahim to check on him and provide him with support, and we will provide you with the latest details of his health condition, and we hope that he will recover.

It is noteworthy that Ahmed Ibrahim began his acting career during the nineties and participated in many artworks, most notably the films “Not in the intention to stay”, Woman and Woman, Bono Bono, The Storm, A Bold Heart, Farah, You Are My Life, I Love You and Die in You, Talk in Love, Al Jazeera President Omar Harb, instead of a lost one, Al-Fajumi, Good Luck, Salem Abu Okhta, A Rijalah Pause“.

Among the most prominent series in which Qassem Amin participated, Egyptian Papers, Imam of Preachers, Friends, Man of Destiny, Lights of Wisdom, Storms of Women, Dreams of Hind Al-Khashab, Mansouriya, Waad Al-Hur, Bint Banut, Living in Coma, Hanan and Hanin, Imam Al-Maraghi, A Woman Above Al-Aada, Nasser, Women’s Talk, I’m My Heart, My Guide, The People of Cairo, Group 1, Khatam Suleiman, Mama’s Nut, Maine, We Are the Students, Al-Zanaty Mujahid, Spring of Anger, Countdown, Al-Rijal Al-Anab, The Empire of Maine, Yunus Weld Fadda, Grand Hotel, Our Other sayings, it is forbidden to approach or photograph, and blood chain.

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