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Zhou Xingchi’s classic movie “Nine Pins of Sesame Official” made him popular with “Fang Tangjing” Wu Qihua, and then he returned to TVB to star in many good dramas, and then moved to mainland China to develop, and became attached to his second wife Shi Yangzi because of filming, and they had a total of one daughter. The couple chose to end their 7-year marriage in 2014. However, according to Hong Kong media reports, Shi Yoko, who is single, has a worry-free life, and even often posts photos of wearing designer clothes and watches on social platforms. Obviously, his life is still quite affluent. .

According to the “Hong Kong 01” report, following the divorce of Shi Yangzi and her ex-husband Wu Qihua, the 37-year-old Shi Yangzi is obviously still living a good life. Not only has he continued to maintain a slim figure, but he has also rarely worked in recent years. Before the epidemic, he traveled abroad almost every month. Community accounts post photos of travel in South Korea, Japan, Thailand, or Europe; while daughters are left in the care of their mothers for a long time.

Hong Kong actor Wu Qihua. (Photo/Photo taken from Wu Qihua lawrence Weibo)

The report pointed out that Shi Yoko was able to enjoy the life of a single nobleman because following the divorce from her ex-husband, the other party had to pay 60,000 yuan in alimony (approximately NT$260,000) every month, and an additional 200,000 yuan (approximately NT$260,000) for her ex-mother-in-law. NT$880,000), taking care of his ex-wife and daughter.

Wu Qihua and his ex-wife Shi Yangzi divorced in 2014.  (Photo/Photo taken from Wu Qihua lawrence Weibo)
Wu Qihua and his ex-wife Shi Yangzi divorced in 2014. (Photo/Photo taken from Wu Qihua lawrence Weibo)

In addition, there are rumors that Shi Yangzi’s life was quite profligate, which led to the discord between the husband and wife and eventually the end of the marriage. There are even reports that she once swiped more than 6-digit RMB card fees in a month. At that time, her ex-husband Wu Qihua said “It is human nature to want to buy good things. I will satisfy her if I have the ability, and she is my wife. Who should I buy for her if I don’t buy it?” The multi-million-dollar villa has moved to a haunted house with a cheaper monthly rent; however, following the divorce, Wu Qihua has officially transferred to China for development, and has also cooperated with friends to open a company, and his business has grown bigger and bigger.

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