After WotLK… Do you want a Cataclysm Classic? -World of Warcraft Classic

With the arrival of WotLK Classic, some players are already wondering if Blizzard will continue the novelties on WoW Classic with the next expansion, Cataclysm. It would be a big change since it involves changing the continents and therefore losing part of what makes Classic so charming, namely being able to travel the world as it was before December 2010.

Cataclysm marked the history of WoW. The announcement at BlizzCon 2009 was overwhelming. Players were absolutely crazy to see the changes to Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. The release of Cata was successful to say the least and it was at this time that the MMORPG reached 12 million subscribers, its absolute record.

Cataclysm did not bring a new continent but allowed to discover places hitherto impossible to reach, Mount Hyjal in mind. Everyone also remembers Vashj’ir, an exclusively underwater region that was a real nightmare for some players 😉

The expansion brought us Worgen and Goblins as well as their starting zones (including the awesome Gilneas), but also Archeology, a secondary profession much appreciated by the community. The features were numerous and it would take a long article to cover them all. This ranges from the removal of entire areas of the Temple of Atal’Hakkar to raids such as the Firelands and the Soul of Dragons through the new guild system, new air routes, new professions, the revamp classes or the reforging of objects.

However, all these novelties have not left only good memories and I would like to know if you want Blizzard to embark on a Cataclysm Classic or not? Note that at the moment, Blizzard has not hinted at the arrival of the 4th expansion, while it was very quickly the case for WotLK. Perhaps the company will prefer to focus on developing novelties for the original trilogy?

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