Ahn Cheol-soo “I thought there was a high chance that I would lose if I competed with Yoon Seok-yeol”

picture explanationPeople’s Strength Presidential Candidate Yoon Seok-yeol (left) and People’s Party Presidential Candidate Cheol-soo Ahn prepare for a debate during the first debate over the invitation of the 20th presidential election candidate hosted by the National Election Broadcasting Debate Committee held at the MBC Media Center public hall in Mapo-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 21st. . [사진 출처 = 연합뉴스]

Ahn Cheol-soo, the presidential candidate of the People’s Party, said on the 23rd in relation to the withdrawal of the proposal to unify the opposition candidates, “I used to see that I had a much higher chance of losing in the national primary.”

At a press conference held at the Ulsan City Council on the same day, Candidate Ahn said, “The power of the people has spread only fake rumors without answering for a week. I can’t help but see it as a hostile attitude,” he said.

He said, “The number may be small compared to there (the people’s power), but the party members, supporters, and people who support (the People’s Party) are behind them. I thought it was undesirable to bow down to get something of my own while dressing up.”

To the question to the effect of ‘More than 60% of the people want a regime change, but are they not willing to give up their personal feelings and accept negotiations? give,” he said.

In response to the question ‘Does the people want to raise a white flag and ask for unification?’, he said, “I never said that to raise a white flag and ask for (unification).”

When asked if he had completed the election, he asked, “How many days are left?”

When asked, ‘The people say that Candidate Ahn reveals something surprising,’ Ahn said, “You explode (from the people’s power). I don’t know why you keep doing this.”

Regarding the possibility of solidarity with Democratic Party presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung, he said, “I haven’t been contacted at all.”

Regarding the observation that the Democratic Party of Korea could propose unification to itself by using ‘political reform legislation’ as a link, he said, “It is not something to be done conditionally.”

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He said, “If you think about the future of Korea, the ruling party, which has 180 seats, should do the work (political reform legislation) with a sense of mission, regardless of whether the election wins or loses. Why is that a transaction target?” he said.

On the other hand, Candidate Ahn said in a remark on the same day, “The only condition for Korea to achieve balanced development is when local governments have the financial and legal authority to attract private companies, and then our country can develop in a balanced way.” “Without it, nothing works,” he said.

He said, “Attracting private enterprises is the key to balanced regional development. For him, the most important thing is to transfer the financial and legal powers monopolized by the central government to local governments. I think that is the key.”

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