Air Hazard Alert System: Understanding the Two-Level Warning System in Lipetsk Region

2024-03-13 15:26:08

It will correspond to the degree of danger from the air.

Governor Igor Artamonov announced the decision of the regional operational headquarters meeting held today: a two-level public warning system is being introduced in the Lipetsk region.

The first level is yellow, indicating an air hazard.

“It means that UAVs have been spotted near the border of the Lipetsk region. All services are put on high alert. The signal is communicated to residents by sending SMS alerts and push notifications through the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations and Service 112 of the Lipetsk Region applications,” the governor said.

This signal is informational in nature. The introduction of the yellow level does not affect the normal functioning of the region.

If you receive an Air Warning signal, you should remain calm and alert. You can go to work, to the store, to the clinic, to take your children to school, kindergarten. But continue to follow the information in the official channels of the government and the Ministry of Emergency Situations. In addition, the necessary information will be broadcast live on the Lipetsk Vremya TV channel as a creeping line or information insert.

The second level is red, indicating the threat of a UAV attack.

“This means that a direct threat to infrastructure has been detected. The signal is communicated to the population using sound sirens, push notifications, messages in official channels, and voice alerts,” explained Igor Artamonov.

When receiving a “Threat of UAV attack” signal:

– Move away from the windows.

– If you are in a building, go to a room without windows. Don’t use the elevator.

– If you are on the street, go into the nearest building, parking lot, underground passage.

– Stay in a safe place until the signal “Threat of UAV attack” clears.

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If the signal finds you at home early in the morning, do not take your children to school or kindergarten. Do not leave the apartment until the “Threat of UAV attack” signal goes off.

Igor Artamonov also told us what the alarm signals will look like:

“Attention! End “Threat of UAV attack”.

Means that the direct threat of a UAV attack has passed. You can leave the room or other shelter and return to normal activities. However, the threat of attack may be repeated. You should continue to monitor messages in official channels until you receive a signal:

Attention! Lights out “Air danger”

This means that the services do not detect UAVs near the borders of the region.”

If a fallen UAV or its fragments are found, you must not approach the wreckage or touch it. The location of the UAV crash or its debris must be reported to 112.

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