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More figures from América Televisión they continue to appear in ‘In the background there is room‘. In the fourth episode of season 9, it was Edson Dávila’s turn.Giselo‘ to make his series debut. Next we tell you how his debut took place.

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Diego Montalban -who reappeared in the first chapter of the ninth season– He had received a proposal by phone to host a new program, which he accepted. However, he was surprised when he was told that he would have a companion driving.

At the time of recording the first preview of the program ‘They go or they don’t go with Montalbán’, it can be seen that ‘Giselo’ accompanies Diego Montalbán, who looks remarkably uncomfortable, while driving.

Giselo appears in ‘In the background there is room’

After that, ‘Giselo‘ encourages Montalbán behind the scenes. The two exchange words in the dressing room and the new character encourages him to relax, since the evil chef is the protagonist of the series.

'Giselo' enters 'In the background there is a place': This was his participation

‘Giselo’ enters ‘In the background there is a place’: This was his participation

Posteriorly, Diego Montalban and ‘Giselo’ went to analyze the seasoning of the popular ‘Pollo Gordo’ restaurant. Although Edson Dávila gave the entrepreneur a good comment, the evil chef destroyed it because he did not want to pay him a bribe.

Thus, ‘Giselo’ became another of the figures from América Televisión to be present in this new season of AFHS, following ‘Choca’ Mandros and Natalie Vértiz made their appearances as a diner and as Estefania, Richard Wilkinson’s girlfriendrespectively.


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