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For the third day in a row, the relays of the second West Asian Championship for males and females (under 20 years old) in athletics organized by the Lebanese Federation for the game at Al Jamhour Club Stadium under the auspices of the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, with the participation of nine countries, namely the Sultanate of Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Yemen, Iraq , Jordan, Syria, Palestine and Lebanon.

The third day’s competitions were held in the presence of the President of the Asian Athletics Federation, Major General Dahlan Al-Hamad and members of the Continental Confederation, President of the West Asian Federation Sayyar Al-Enezi and his deputy Muhammad Issa Al-Fadala and members of the Federation, President of the Lebanese Athletics Federation Roland Saadeh and members of the Federation, Director of the Championship Wissam Al-Hawli, heads and members of the participating delegations In the tournament, the Lebanese athletics family and the press and media in local and Arab media.

On the third penultimate day, Lebanon continued to collect medals, as Maysa Moawad succeeded in adding a second gold medal in the high jump after her first gold medal in the 100m race on the first day of the championship. Her compatriot Jana Termos also won a gold medal in the 3000m steeplechase.

the third day

Here are the final results of the third day’s competitions:


400m race:
1- Ismail Abkar (Qatar): 47.26 seconds
2- Noureddine Marza (Iraq): 49.09 sec
3- Muhammad Abdul Rahman (Qatar): 49.81 sec

3000 hurdles race:
1- Muhammad Al-Yamani (Jordan): 9.35.78 d
2- Samir Al Yafei (Yemen): 10.01.08 d
3- Ali Reda Kanaan (Lebanon): 10.09.75 d

Pole vaulting:
1- Ali Akbar Haider Hassan (Iraq): 3.90 m
1- Ali Hussein Ali (Iraq): 3.90 m
3- Osama Al-Ali (Syria): 3.80 AD

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Hammer Throw:
1- Mubeen Al Kindi (Sultanate of Oman): 67.70 meters
2- Muhammad Khan (Kuwait): 56.56 AD
3- Ali Hamdan (Iraq): 56.54 AD

*young women
400m race:
1- Ayat al-Rahba (Syria): 59.10 sec
2- Zina Subhi (Iraq): 1.04.85 minutes
3- Mia Malak (Lebanon): 1.08.84 d

-Discus throwing:
1- Dana Al-Azmi (Kuwait): 35.67 AD
2- Shahd Al-Ali (Syria): 33.82 AD
3- Walaa Sharif (Jordan): 31.23 AD

3000 hurdles race:
1- Jana Thermos (Lebanon): 13.22.47 d
2- Haneen Hassan (Syria): 9613.57. Dr
3- Leah Hanna (Lebanon): 17.16.12 d

4x100m relay race:
1- Iraq: 50.48 d
2-Lebanon: 51.79 d
3- Syria: 52.69 d

-high jump:
1- Maysa Moawad (Lebanon): 1.70 m
2- Sally Hamadeh (Syria): 1.50 m
2- Al-Mughiriyah (Sultanate of Oman): 1.50 m

With the conclusion of the tournament, the official final general ranking of the countries will be circulated.

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