Alarming Rise in Suspicious Kidnapping Attempts: Authorities Take Action to Protect Children

2023-06-25 08:49:27

Suspicions of attempted kidnappings seem to have made the authorities react. Police patrols “are made aware (of the problem)” and the presence of officers “is reinforced on play areas, near schools and in places where children practice school and leisure activities”, indicated Henri Kox, Minister of Homeland Security, interviewed by Congresswoman Nancy Arendt.

The presence of a suspicious white van recently stirred up some parents, especially in the south of the country. Reports that the occupants of the vehicle attempted to approach children in Niederkorn and Esch-sur-Alzette quickly spread, giving way to rumours.

So far, the police have found “no case elsewhere in the country,” said the minister. The police had previously indicated that they had received reports, triggering the opening of an investigation by the prosecution. This “is in progress”, specified Henri Kox, which prevents revealing further details at this stage.

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